About Aaron & Stephanie

We have been a couple for 17 years now and through our marriage were gifted with three incredible sons who are now 15, 12, and 9 . In October 2010, after a terrible month-long period of suicidal thinking and attempts, I came out as gay. I had to, though I would have rather died than do so.

Stephanie and I have been on the most amazing journey of our life together as we have come to understand how to live authentically and powerfully as individuals and as a family. Our story is one that defies the social scripts and odds given to us by others. We are living each day through the process of restructuring and reinvesting in each other and our family. So many have told us that we are miraculous and inspiring. We don't know about that, but we do know that we have walked this journey with respect, dignity, love, morality, compassion, and unwavering devotion. We both feel that this situation does not mean the destruction of our family and want to provide the best role modeling and support that we possibly can to anyone out there that finds themselves in this situation. This is not the end. This is just another beginning.

You may have many initial questions about us...are we still married? How are the kids doing? What has your family thought and how have they responded? Are you both still Mormon? I would direct you to the FAQ page of this blog for ease.

After your initial questions, you may find it helpful to read each of our viewpoints on coming out. We each composed our own essay on this and posted them together for continuity. We also hope to post our own "It Gets Better" video in the next week.

We know that some will be 'haters'. All I can say is this:  Your anger and fear are gifts we cannot accept. We give them back to you.

We know that most will be supporters. We love you and hold you close to our hearts.

We know that a few will be followers: people who find themselves in the same position, looking for a way to cope. We love you too...and while we don't have the answers for your journey we offer you our admiration, positivity, and hope. We have walked...and continue to walk...this path every day. We are honored that we are walking it with others like you.

Peace, health, and love,

Aaron and Stephanie